Our Story

Aboutcolor Home is a North Carolina based textile firm. Our weavers have been hand making customs textiles for interior designers for almost two decades.

Aboutcolor Home is building upon a centuries old tradition in North Carolina and bringing an ancient craft into the modern home. Our mission is to preserve a long heritage of textile production in North Carolina by producing beautiful ornamentation for interiors and providing a fair wage for women artisans.  

We are excited to merge an ancient craft with a modern home. Please contact us for your next design project.

Our trims vary in style and colorway making it perfect to apply to any of the projects you desire.

All our trims and fabrics are woven to order and can be customized to your exact specifications. Colors, widths, and styles can be altered to match the designer’s colors, fabrics and room. We love working with clients in the creative process.


Click here to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Story

Meet the artist and learn how Aboutcolor Home came to be.


View our trims by style or by color way and find the perfect one.


See where you can find our trims in showrooms or order direct.

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